Americans for Prosperity.

You and I
We will rally
for love
(for love)
for truth
(for truth)
for blue sky
(for blue sky)
for the now, 
for the why.


Swooning noir.

Beside the tidal wave of memory
your form appears,
cursed blackbird.

We knew our destiny but
You said we would do it
You wrote the words on sand 
You wrote the words with your plume hand

Years later I am here,
I am here still 
I am doing it
I am without stop,
Without tears
I am unyielding
I am eternal
I am my own world
I am alone 
Without fear
Without fear

Where are you now?
Flying above waters unknown?
Did you find escape from the escape?
Are you now pronounced in the mundane,
well versed in the everyday,
doing your best to forget the ancient language
you once spoke?

By your own hand, 
by your own black wing
you shuddered at the sound, 
shuddered at the wind,

You, chasing fugue
in your noir dreams,
You flew on
You, dreaming on the ocean
You, gone.

Down by the Water.