Double Vision

I see that you're in my way,
expectant woman

We look alike,
don't we

You move

to stop the sun
from shining on my mind
to stop time
to stop time

And I have sympathy

I know why you stand there
I know why you can't let me pass
I know you are made of steel and pain
I am like you, woman

But now, I am present
And I now know, what everybody knows
you cannot stop time
you cannot stop clarity
you could not stop that thing from happening
you cannot stop me from healing
you cannot stop me from fighting back
this body is mine
it belongs to no one but me

Move back, woman
I am glass, I am iron, I am white light, I am night
I summon the winds
I change the tides
I crack dimensions
and stitch up psyches
with needles with thread with fire with metal

When we finally meet, who will yield?