Riot, oh my riot heart.
Suddenly, in the midst of the torrents
I heard nothing
and ceasefire commenced.
But I long for your rubber bullets,
pounding on the shields of the weak,
the ordinary folk who couldn't 
beat their own heads without passing out.
They could never withstand 
black holes of repulsive dreams
or 14 years of deserted rain.
They can't imagine welcoming 
a standing ovation of pain.

I need you, riotous storm.
You, singing alongside tornadoes,
flying through caverns of canyons
of chaos.
You, endemic magic,
dusting everything with infection.
You, like a bored lover, 
you leave without notice,
without thought,
without me.

Now, with emptiness, 
now, lost.
No violent night, no delirious refrain.
Now, facing inescapable, leaden time 
while I wait for you again.

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