The Nightmare

Do you see the crow watching?
Why is he watching?
There is no answer.
The mind. The body. The heart. The soul.
Seams ripped out.
Dreaming of the black peace.

Baby Baby Baby
The stem was cut roughly, and I bled
But we were together.
I was underwater, dark waters, but swimming.
Moving towards you.

And then they tried to drown me
But I shook shook shook my way back
They twisted my tongue
But I wouldn't stop grunting.
They shoved me into an electronic coffin headfirst,
again, and again.
But I meditated with the gurus in the color orange
and fought my way out.

And in the moment when it was closest
When my racing mind was terrorized
When they sent my family out of the room
When the sea turned into strange faces and
pin light, screams, tension, medicine
In that moment the crow flew in.
And he watches.
And since then, every single person I ask
does not know
when he is going to leave.

For all of their training, for all of their love,
for all of their expertise, for all of their pills,
they have no answers.

None of them know how to open a window.

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